Drought Analysis Process The content below provides a general description of the definition, characteristics, and impacts of drought
from a meteorological, agricultural, hydrological, and socio-economic viewpoint.

  • Consists of 3 analysis modules with 17 detailed functions
  • Based on Visual C#, C/S program
  • GIS Information

    Module1. D/B Management

    Display integrated drought info. among agencies, support data search, calibration and queries

    Data query and calibration

  • Drought Criteria Management

    Module2. Drought Monitoring

    Drought criteria registration, delete and revise each water resources and regional drought status decision

    Drought monitoring analysis

  • Precipitation Analysis

    Module3. Drought Outlook

    Consistency analysis for hydrological data and weather info. Support weekly and monthly rainfall run-off modeling and drought outlook analysis

    Connect Weather data set

Acquired national program copyright (Drought analysis program)


Drought Information Analysis Systemdrought.kwater.or.kr

  • Drought Portal

  • Drought Big Board

  • Drought Analysis Program

  • Provide total drought information services with various drought contents
  • Provide drought monitoring based real time data and outlook services the public
  • Provide a drought big board for swift response and decision making with various analysis results and information